Optimus Prime


Optimus Prime: There remains a price on my head. I endanger you all if I stay. I shall take the Seed where it can never be found.
Cade Yeager: Will we ever see you again?
Optimus Prime: Cade Yeager, I do not know. But whenever you look to the stars, think of one of them as my soul. Defend this family, Autobots. As they have you. Defend all they can be.
There are mysteries to the universe we were never meant to solve. But who we are and why we are here, are not among them. Those answers we carry inside. I am Optimus Prime, and this message is to my Creators: leave planet Earth alone, ‘cause I’m coming for you!

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Designation; Optimus Prime

Class; Command
Specialization; Heavy

Bio; Optimus Prime is the powerful, wise, and courageous leader of the Autobot forces against the menacing Decepticons, and his leadership has turned the tide in many battles throughout the Great War.


Cade Yeager: You’re not actually leaving, are you?
Optimus Prime: How many more of my kind must be sacrificed, to atone for YOUR mistakes?
Cade Yeager: What do you think being human means? That’s what we do. We make mistakes. Sometimes, out of those mistakes come the most amazing things… When I fixed you, it was for a reward. That was it. That was why. The money. And it was me making a mistake. Without it, you wouldn’t be here. So even if you got no faith in us, I’m asking you to do what I do. I’m asking you to look at all the junk and see the treasure. You gotta have faith, Prime, in who we can be.

"Megatron, be gone!"

In which the only ones who can send Megatron flying are the medic and the librarian.

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YEEESSSSS!!! I hope he comes back alive!!


AOE Optimus Prime..


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